boys and food and boys.

Whew.  Haven’t been on here for ages.  Sorry about this, guys!  I am sincerely apologizing for my lack of checking in.  

The last month has been very difficult for myself and my family as well as I’ve had a wackload of health issues.  I don’t publicly (or often in person) discuss this but I will say one thing. It is very frustrating because for the illness I’ve got, there isn’t a cure.  It’s not Cancer or anything. Don’t y’all worry.  Haha more like a silent killer.  Anyway, for the doctors it’s just trial and error.  Lots of trial, and lots of error… so I’m up down, up down.  

That also means my weight is up down, up down.  Whew! But we can do it! I am in the 170s which is awesome!  Especially because I began in the 230s.  

Yesterday, (sunday) , was such a fun, old fashioned, down- to- earth day!  Church was fun, “tattooed” my friend T (male) which meant I just held his hand for 30 mins.  He is an interesting, fun guy.   Went for a picnic with two of my BFFs.  That was a blast, we packed it all… down to the record player and red-check blanket.  Got a text from a # I didn’t have seeing if we wanna come for a bonfire.   So i went.  best part of the night.  FOUR guys walk in, with one girl.  Four.  FOUR guys. WOWza. The odds were ever in our favour! 😉 

ps- one of the guys seems to be a keeper in a “guy best friend” kinda way….

Very random a post this is, but Random is my middle name!


The funny number of the day seems to be seven.  Lucky number, right?  Sundays are probably my favourite day of the week.  Sundays are my rest day.  Sundays are my “me and God” day.  Sundays are.

This Sunday started off well.  Stepped on the scaled and weighed in at 177 pounds.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Sally Mac is indeed shrinking.  So… that means I have lost a total of 57 pounds.  Oh a PS here folks, sorry.  I meant to say I GOT RID OF FIFTY SEVEN POUNDS.  As  one other of my blogger friends once wrote, “I have no intention of finding it [the weight] again.”

What a smart friend eh!  Oh yes.  So did you see that?  Seven.  That is today’s funny number.



oooooooh and my ADHD just kicked in hahaha… here is the COOL BEAN FUN FACT OF THE DAY, brought to you by Sally Mac:  Turn the number 57 around.  What do you get?  75?  Yeah, I got that too!  The girl who lost seventy five pounds will soon be ME.

I can see the finish line.

I can see the finish line.  But I am having a difficult time getting there!  I have officially lost fifty pounds… about three weeks ago.  I’m trying and things aren’t working and I am getting frustrated.  I will post again soon when things are looking up…. I can see the end though.. 2/3 of the way through #keepitupsally

Slow and Steady wins

It feels like a lot of things have happened since my last post.  I quit my job.  I started having a crush on a boy. (I haven’t had a serious infatuation since last summer.)    I started a new university program.  I finally got my house under control and have a system of housekeeping.  And.  I lost 1 more pound.  Yes, just one.  These days are rough.

There are good times, and bad.  Let me tell you that I was acutely aware of resisting a food temptation today.  (sorry for the re-route here, but…  oh em gee. I am speaking about food and now wishing for anything delectable to put in my mouth)  … Back to my craving.  Today was sardine-packed with activity.  We had a family event to scurry off to.  It was after church, but before my Little Sister’s 8th bday.  My lunch was generally quite health-filled.  Tuna with light “calorie-wise” mayo.  Sautéed  asparagus.  And artichoke hearts.

But when I was full, after a balanced meal. I wanted sugar, sweets, carbs,,,, bad stuff.  But I thought to myself.  Now Sally, just wait twenty minutes and this silly craving will be over.

It worked

spring is in the air

Well, the weekend blogger strikes again.  Here I am!  I have been thinking about the 2 months that are coming up soon:  Spring! and Summer.  Yes, summer.

For the past few years (as long as I can remember, really) I have dreaded summer.  Really, i had convinced myself that I hated it.  You know why?  Because of an overweight body and lack of self- confidence.  This year will be different though.  Why?

I usually start a severely unattainable crash diet every April trying to lose “twenty pounds” or so before the start of June.  Completely unrealistic.  I have a huge head start this year.  Because I started my Lifestyle Change in November (almost six months sooner than usual)  I will not be scattering to lose weight when the summer rolls around.

School has me quite busy these days.  I have been battling a flu/ cold all week.  I am a people pleaser and not a school- skipper, however, I do know where my limit is.  I didn’t go to school today.  I sort of had planned to sleep all day.  But i didn’t do that.  No, instead I did some spring cleaning! I will sleep sounder than usual tonight!

weight:  my weight is on the Downward Spiral.  Praise the Lord.  as i mentioned a couple of posts ago… my mother is catching up to me in her weight loss.  Even though the scale just shows us numbers.. it very much so prompted me to continue and push through the temptations.  Now… I am down 47 pounds.  Yes, you read that correctly FORTY SEVEN.  They are not lost, they are “gotten rid of.”  

Your love never fails it never gives up it never runs out

hello to my avid readers!! Firstly I must apologized for my lack of blogging. oh em gee.  

Today was a very productful day for me.  I got so much done.  Wow, days like these give me energy and happiness for living another day.  I have a lot of things to be grateful for.  I am happy for my legs which took me  running 4 kilometres ish this morning at 7am.  I am thankful for my eggs and avocado which I ate at breakfast.  I praise God that I can have an education, because I live in a free country.  ps- i studying outside today.  It was beautiful and warm and cheery and bright.  Amazing.  I am thankful for my parents again student Ian.

He helped me move MY gliding bench. Yes, I put the emphasis on me because I rescued that bench from one of our family bonfires. I’m not kidding.  I really did.  It’s yellow! I mean, who doesn’t like a yellow bench??  I am going to make it beautiful. and I can’t wait. 

my weight loss is doing excellently well! I am BACK IN THE EIGHTIES 😉 weeeeeehaw!  

The other things that  I accomplished today are: ate lunch, washed ALL of my dishes, cleaned my stovetop, wrote one song, wrote some lyrics for another, jumped on my mini trampoline, laid down for a sleep but had too much anxiety and couldn’t, cooked up two servings of chicken, breathed, ate dinner, read a chapter book, smiled a lot, french braided my hair, cried, really hard,  calmed my self down, practiced my healthy coping skills, went to work, changed my sheets, made my bed so beautiful, hung clothes in my closet, cleaned the toilet, had a shower, red in Job and smiled at the interestingness, yawned, and blogged.  And that’s all I have to say about that.



hey friends, in Japan an Russia and Canada (yes, I have a reader in Japan!!) So i was going to post a lovely picture that I also Instagrammed ..  of my lunch.  But I can’t seem to get the image “save as-ed” so I will leave  how the sandwich looks up to your imagination!

A couple days ago a was having a convo via Facebook with one of my girlfriends.  (ps-she is greeeaaaat) and for some reason we were talking about bread.  Yes, we like to keep things interesting.  And she suggested a “spelt” bread at a local organic bakery.  Oh my gosh… so I went in there today.  And it wasn’t super cheap. but everything includes taxes.  I spent $7 for a loaf the size of a spinach dip loaf.  and it is oh so yummy.  (Thank you Shelby!)  The bread isn’t gluten-free, but it is “wheat free”  so I thought…. well it ain’t gonna ruin the diet, hopefully ….  I brought home my bread, made a sandwich.. ate the sandwich and had a nap after.

Let me tell you about my sandwich.  One slice of bread cut in half (tastes like sourdough, delish!) a little bit of butter,  a generous amount of mustard, 100 grams of lean chicken breast… (which i made into a chicken salad with mayo and avocado) and yep.  some cheese which was no-fat and kinda gross…. but anyways I am rambling now so have a wonderful time, 

Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

Maria and Courtney

Maria.  Maria is a dear lady that I’ve known like my entire life.  No joke, guys.  Her and her fam jam went to our church since like before us… they went to the Saturday night service,…. which ended in the nineties.  Oh man, Im aging myself here… anyway.  Maria is my mom’s accountant/ book keeper.  Last night, after a particularly long day.  (not stressful, just loooooooong) I was urging to eat something.  I’d had dinner and it was 6:55 pm… I was heading to my house to eat peanut butter and greek yogurt when i thought i’d stop in and say hello to Maria, since she was working.  I asked her what’s new? how was your day and all that jazz… Then she’s like “what are you up to??”  I told her that i’d been planning on heading to the gym for a run… but i’d lost all motivation and i just couldn’t go.. whine whine whine.  She interrupted me in the most serious voice. “go to the gym.”  “no, seriously Sally, go to the gym!”  she prodded me.. and i decided I would.  I ran and got dressed.  As I was backing out of the driveway, she came to the window and was flapping her arms about and cheering me on.  Love that lady.  Sometimes in life, all we need is a nudge in the right direction!

Courtney.  This girl is one of my BFFs.  She’s really kinda cool.  Lately she’s been feeling really motivated to exercise, workout, and tone up! And she’s roped me into it! yeeeehaw!  She invited me to an ABT class! for all the other newbs like me, ABS BUTT THIGH… etc. we did the class this morning and MY OH MY.  like omg it was ridiculously hardcore but i loved it for sure!  Mostly i enjoyed butt and thigh (inner thigh was great)  I have more tone-age there, than I expected.  Well… courtney and I are going to be taking a picture in our bikinis in the summmmmmmerr.  Don’t laugh.  I’m serious.  stay tuned for more.  Love y’all!